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1959 Barbie from the Original Owner

1959 #2 ponytail barbie



Gorgeous all-original one-owner 1959 Barbie Ponytail #2  

From the original owner, this beautiful doll is an all-original 1959 #2 Ponytail Barbie.  She's been in storage since the 1960's and has never been traded in the Barbie collector community.

I've posted photos taken with photography lights as well as photos taken with just the camera flash.  The camera flash makes her hair look frizzy (it's not) and the photography lights make her makeup look less colorful than it is, but there's a lot of photos to give you a good representation of her appearance.

She has her original top band.  There are loose curls from her hard curl and there are still pieces of her bottom band in her hair, but I just tied her hair loosely with a black ribbon.  She's full of lots of lots of adorable little poodle curls on top.  No cuts or missing plugs.

Her makeup is all original and it's awesome.  Her full red lips and and blue eyeliner are in great shape, and she still has tons of smoky eye shadow.  I can't believe the amount of smoky eye shadow she has.  You don't see that often, especially on a 1959 Ponytail.  The makeup on her spectacular "cat eyes" is wonderful.  She does have some very tiny flecks missing on her eyebrows, but it's really not noticeable unless it's magnified as it is in the photos.  The photos make it look as if there is paint missing on her eye ridges, but it's a refection of the lights.

She has a tiny bit of green ear.  When I received her, you would have never known it, but it's a small amount that was covered by the vintage "pearl" earrings she was wearing.  Thankfully, it's just faint green around the edge of the holes.  You can hardly see it in the photo and you would never see it with earrings on.  She has safe pearl earrings on now.

She has a small ink mark under one breast that didn't show up in the photos,  There is a small bump near her lips that I assume is factory defect and she has a small spot near her left ear.  There is a scratch on her right thumb (you can see it in the fingernail photos) and she has another scratch on the front of her left shoulder (see right-hand photo below).

She has approximately 95% of her vibrant red fingernail and toenail paint.  She does have stains on her feet where her shoes were -- and a brown freckle.  :)   The darkness between her feet in the photo is just shadows.  The staining is just across the top of her feet where the shoes were and it's much lighter than in the photo.  She was stored in white open-toe shoes and I think this might be the original pinkish skin color that was covered by the shoes.  One of her ears also has a little pinkish spot that was covered by her pearl earrings.

All these flaws I'm describing to you are on close inspection and the lights and magnification make them show up more than in real life.  I just want to describe her thoroughly for potential buyers.  For example, you wouldn't really notice the staining on her feet when you're just looking at her.  Her whole body is pretty much a uniform, very pretty alabaster.  She also has some light pinkish skin tone on her breasts.

She's gorgeous.  She has a very sophisticated look to her.

She comes with her original vintage zebra swimsuit, black mules, "TM" marked pedestal stand, 1959 Barbie Fashion Booklet and sunglasses all in excellent shape.  There's a mark on the back of the booklet where it was originally attached to the card and there's some little dots on her stand.  I am including the vintage "pearl" earrings she was wearing as well as reproduction gold hoop earrings.  She will be sent wearing her safe "pearl" earrings, and be aware that the vintage "pearl" earrings and gold hoops I am including are not safe earrings. 

This 1959 Ponytail is very well-preserved and just stunning.  Stored for over 60 years, she's come out to make some Barbie collector very happy!  I think you'll be very pleased with her. 

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