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One-Owner Ken w/Original Outfit

1964 Ken & Allan Dolls

He's perfect.  This Ken is a minty, colorful, one-owner doll.  When Ken is in great condition and fresh, he looks so nostalgic, so Barbie red, so Lucy & Ricky retro, so representative of that era.     His hair and make-up is perfect.  His original outfit is minty, crisp and colorful.  The sandals are perfect, strong supple straps and perfect cork.   The original fashion booklet is included as well. 

From the original owner, Ken came with the Allan doll.  The painted hair on these dolls is still rubbery feeling, fresh.  The dolls are not dried out like so many are.  I bet they've had less handling and less exposure than a lot of the dolls you see "with box".

Both dolls are extremely clean and I didn't do any clean-up on them.  Their face make-up is perfect.  I may be the first person who's ever tried to move the legs and bend the waist.  Their limbs are incredibly tight.  They've been in storage for decades.  The original owner she said she didn't play with Ken and Allan.  She just wasn't interested in them.  They were kept for decades in a vinyl Ken case.  It's the HTF lavender Ken case and anyone who's interested in it can contact me.  It's in excellent condition, but is faded.  You can see the fading when you open it and the parts that were covered with the vinyl lip and the handle are darker lavender.

And that is what protected these little gems, Ken and Allan.  He's a nice one.

Ken with Original Outfit

Ken doll

Ken doll

1962 Barbie Fashion Booklet

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